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Bands you should know Part I: Glasses

Wow, I really love this band although they haven’t any record out until now, but this will change soon: Vendetta Records will release Glasses first full-length in the near future. The band is a mishmash of people from Trainwreck, the already disbanded Perth Express, The 244GL and the also already disbanded The F.A.

taken from their myspace site

The band describes themselves on their myspace site with the following words:

In summer 2008 Rocko (ex Perth Express), Benni (the 244GL) and Marc (Trainwreck) started rehearsing. Later, Sam (ex The F.A.) joined the band. In december they had enough songs to record their first output on Vendetta Records. The 12″ will be released in early 2009, the first show was played in Aachen 2008… to be continued.

Moreover they will be on tour in spring 2009, here are the dates, don’t forget to check them out!

28.02. Göttingen, Juz (w/ Planks)
01.03. Münster, NB 12 Proberaum (w/ Planks)
02.03. Hannover, Stumpf
03.03. Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
04.03. Leipzig, Zoro (w/ Furnace, Trainwreck)
05.03. Dresden, Meschwitzstr.16a (w/ Trainwreck)
06.03. Berlin, Kastanie (w/ November 13th, Cave Canem, Trainwreck)
07.03. Bremen, G18 (w/ Trainwreck)
08.03. Hamburg, Rote Flora (w/ Trainwreck)[/i]

Black Shape Of Nexus on Tour

We have already post about this when talking about their preorder of the upcoming 2xLP on Vendetta Records, but here are the dates for the Black Shape Of Nexus September Tour:

19.9.2008 AKZ Metzgerstrasse/ Hanau (+Daturah)
20.9.2008 Stoner Hands Of Doom Festival/ Erfurt (+ End Of Level Boss, Petrified, Beehoover, etc.)
21.9.2008 AZ Conni/ Dresden (+Guapo)
22.9.2008 Lokal/ Berlin (+Crowskin)
23.9.2008 Rote Flora/ Hamburg (+Trocki)
24.9.2008 Proberaum bei Lappe/ Münster (+ Suckinim Baenaim)
25.9.2008 AZ / Aachen (+Kodiak)
26.9.2008 OCII / NL-Amsterdam (+Toner Low +78 RPM)
27.9.2008 Viadukt/ NL-Groningen (+Tekhton + Mary Bell)

Have look in the “more”-section for their lovely tour flyer.
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Black Shape Of Nexus – Microbarome Meetings 2xLP Preorder & Tourdates

Mannheim’s doom heroes of Black Shape Of Nexus have just released their Microbarome Meetings CD in a deluxe gatefold packaging on Ecocentric Records and now the preorder of the Microbarome Meetings 2xLP starts on Vendetta Records.
As always you can preorder via email to vendetta or directly through the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore.
The price is 16 euros without shipping and the preorder is limited to 100 copies of one black, one white piece of vinyl, the other regular 500 copies will be on red / orange vinyl. All records come in a nice gatefold cover.
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Salome & Pygmy Lush pre-order

From today on you can pre-order the upcoming Salome & Pygmy Lush 12 inches. Whereas the Salome one will be released on Vendetta Records, Pygmy Lush will be released on Adagio830 Records. The Salome s/t 12 inch pre-order is limited to 100 pieces on white vinyl, the regular pressing of 400 pieces is on black vinyl, all put together in a gatefold cover. The Pygmy Lush “Mount Hope” 12 inch pre-order is no special pre-order version, there will be 250 pieces of it on clear and red vinyl a time.

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Corrupted’s Paso Inferior LP Repress out now on Bis Aufs Messer

Finally after a long wait the repress of Corrupted‘s Paso Inferior LP which was released years ago on Insolito. The lp is not just a repress of the cd version of Paso Inferior, it is new recorded and remixed. Some time ago Adagio830 Records and Vendetta Records have opened a record store in Berlin, called Bis Aufs Messer, this repress is a joined release of both under the Bis Aufs Messer Records label. You can get the lp now directly at their webstore and i think it will be soon available in all your loved distros, too.