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Josephine Demo & Cotidie Mori Demo Tapes out on utarid:tapes

My lovely friend Arwith from utarid:tapes has released two new demo tapes:

  • Josephine are a screamo band from Malaysia playing heart-felt stuff in the vein of Kaospilot and early June Paik. This is the tape version of the long out of print 3inch CD-R, 100 copies are made.
  • Cotidie Mori are an Italian band sharing members with La Quiete playing emo violence as it is meant to be. This is the tape version of the previously released 7inch + CD-R version of the same songs.

To get these and other great tape releases from Arwith(see the above link), just write to for ordering.

New Towers song online

Philly’s most chaotic punk rockers Towers have a new song posted on their myspace site. This song called “Swells” is still unmastered but frantic and chaotic as fuck. If you liked the Towers LP on React With Protest Records you will love their new output. Expect a CD / vinyl release sometimes early 2009 through Init Records and Erode Records as well as a tape release through Utarid:Tapes.