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The Third Memory – 2nd LP pre-order

The Third Memory‘s second full-length will be released pretty soon. This is a split release of ROK LOK Records, Sadness Of Noise Records, Petit Chantier Records, Desertion Records and React With Protest Records.
The Third Memory are a french band having already released a first lp, a split 7″ with the already defunct Cease Upon The Capitol and another split 7″ with the also already dead Only For The Sake Of Aching. They play screamo with hardcore influences in the vein of Tristan Tzara or even Orchid.
You can pre-order the record already from each label listed above, no info about the price. The record should be send to the pressing plant in the next two weeks, all recordings are done already.

Tristan Tzara 12 Inch with the songs of their 1st CD announced

One of germany’s best in our branch of music was the 2002 split up band Tristan Tzara. They were formed of members of Kobra Khan and Louise Cyphre. There are two releases:

  • Omorina Nad Evropom CD
  • Da Ne Zaboravis 7 Inch

Now the 8 songs of the above mentioned CD, never before released on vinyl, will be available soon on a one-sided 12 Inch with silkscreened covers. There will be 300 pieces and you should be fast to get this masterpiece.
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