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Cry Me A River Fest 2009 roundup

After our first news about the Cry Me A River Fest 2009 we give you another roundup with new information on pricing and the schedule so far.

As every year you have to reserve your tickets in front, so no way to get tickets at the fest if you haven’t pre-ordered one of the 300 tickets! Both days cost 15€, friday 8€, saturday 10€. You can get a vegan breakfast on saturday morning for 4€ done by the lovely Ulbrich family. Due to littering stuff in the last years there is a camping and trash fee of 5€ per tent. The schedule so far is the following:

Friday, 26th of June 2009:

Battle Of Wolf 359
The Third Memory
Me And Goliath

Saturday, 27th of June 2009:

Graf Orlock
Louise Cyphre
June Paik
Danse Macabre

Bands you should know Part I: Glasses

Wow, I really love this band although they haven’t any record out until now, but this will change soon: Vendetta Records will release Glasses first full-length in the near future. The band is a mishmash of people from Trainwreck, the already disbanded Perth Express, The 244GL and the also already disbanded The F.A.

taken from their myspace site

The band describes themselves on their myspace site with the following words:

In summer 2008 Rocko (ex Perth Express), Benni (the 244GL) and Marc (Trainwreck) started rehearsing. Later, Sam (ex The F.A.) joined the band. In december they had enough songs to record their first output on Vendetta Records. The 12″ will be released in early 2009, the first show was played in Aachen 2008… to be continued.

Moreover they will be on tour in spring 2009, here are the dates, don’t forget to check them out!

28.02. Göttingen, Juz (w/ Planks)
01.03. Münster, NB 12 Proberaum (w/ Planks)
02.03. Hannover, Stumpf
03.03. Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
04.03. Leipzig, Zoro (w/ Furnace, Trainwreck)
05.03. Dresden, Meschwitzstr.16a (w/ Trainwreck)
06.03. Berlin, Kastanie (w/ November 13th, Cave Canem, Trainwreck)
07.03. Bremen, G18 (w/ Trainwreck)
08.03. Hamburg, Rote Flora (w/ Trainwreck)[/i]

ZANN/ PERTH EXPRESS / GHOSTLIMB / TRAINWRECK 4-way Split 12inch pre-order

UPDATE: The pre-order is already SOLD OUT!

It’s pre-order-mania these days, Adagio 830 Records has just started the pre-order for its next massive release: A 4-way split 12inch with Trainwreck, Ghostlimb, Zann and the already disbanded Perth Express!

As always you can pre-order it directly from the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore. The pre-order is limited to 100 copies on golden vinyl, the remaining ones will be on black vinyl.It comes in a die-cut fold-out cover with some more gimmicks which should explain the price of 11 Euros without postage. They sould be ready to ship in the next two weeks.

Cry Me A River Fest 2008: Running Order fixed (Update!)

UPDATE(12th june 2008): the running order of the fest has changed again, …who calls so loud will play on friday. see here for more info.

finally we have the running order of the Cry Me A River Fest 2008 fixed. there were some problems about Kontrapunkt which were first scheduled on friday. Kontrapunkt will play the show with Trainwreck, Comadre, Actress and Mindtrap in Wiesbaden on friday 04th of july, on saturday the 05th of July they will play the cmar fest in peckeloh. There are still tickets available ->
Read on for the official running order of the Cry Me A River Fest 2008.

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New ZANN Song!

Germany’s finest hardcore band Zann has uploaded a video of their studio session in april 2008 for the upcoming split release with Burial Year and the 4-way split with Ghostlimb, Perth Express and Trainwreck. Have fun.