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Preorder Titan’s new album at React With Protest

React With Protest Records has just announced a new preorder deal: You can get the new LP of the Canadian Titan called “Colossus” on coloured vinyl for 10 Euros plus postage. The record should be done just in time for their release party on November 13th. This is even better than the glorious 4-song EP “The Chrysanthemum Pledge” which was released on React With Protest Records in 2007.

Titan is looking for shows in Europe and a tour van (Update!)

Update: the official tour poster is posted in the more section with the updated dates. they still need help!
the mighty canadians from Titan are on tour in europe this june / july. They still need help for some shows: 6 nice people need sleeping places, vegan food and appr. 150 euro gas money or even a doordeal. See the following for the tour dates, and mail to if you can help on some of the left dates.
Moreover, they are looking for a tour van, so if you have one or a contact which could be useful write a mail to the above email address, too.

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Great Bands Need Help For Their European Summer Tours In 2008

Four great bands touring europe this summer: Titan(20th of June until 05th of July), Loma Prieta(16th of May until 01st of June), and Only For The Sake Of Aching together with Amalthea(12th of July until 26th of July). For more details and contact information visit RWP Myspace Blog for Titan and Loma Prieta, and OFTSOA’s Myspace Blog for the later ones.

RWP announces Emo Annihilation Compilation

After the Emo Armageddon 7″ and the Emo Apocalypse one-sided 12″ React With Protest Records will release the third and last installment of the “short song compilations” in february. It will be a 6″ called Emo Annihilation with June Paik, Titan, Battle Of Wolf 359, Comadre, Kontrapunkt, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Vorwärts Schöner Weltenkotzer, Ding Dong Dead, Arse Moreira, and some more.