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Cry Me A River Fest 2009 roundup

After our first news about the Cry Me A River Fest 2009 we give you another roundup with new information on pricing and the schedule so far.

As every year you have to reserve your tickets in front, so no way to get tickets at the fest if you haven’t pre-ordered one of the 300 tickets! Both days cost 15€, friday 8€, saturday 10€. You can get a vegan breakfast on saturday morning for 4€ done by the lovely Ulbrich family. Due to littering stuff in the last years there is a camping and trash fee of 5€ per tent. The schedule so far is the following:

Friday, 26th of June 2009:

Battle Of Wolf 359
The Third Memory
Me And Goliath

Saturday, 27th of June 2009:

Graf Orlock
Louise Cyphre
June Paik
Danse Macabre

New Denovali Releases – February 2009

Denovali Records has announced two new releases coming in the next weeks (and yes, the Neil On Impression 2x LP is still not there, but this is not a problem of Denovali, but of the other labels included in this release!):

  1. In two weeks there will be a Split LP of France’s The Third Memory and Norway’s Dominic. Both bands have two new songs on this record.

    There will be 200 pieces on white wax for pre-orders only, the rest (300 pieces) is on black vinyl. The record costs 10,50€ without shipping. You can stream and also download the whole record here.
  2. The second lovely piece of wax is the previously on vinyl unreleased debut record of the instrumental rockers of Daturah. Being released on double vinyl you get 3 sides full of music and the 4th side being a screenprinting.

    Again pre-orders can get white vinyl (150 pieces), whereas the rest of 350 pieces is on black wax. It costs 17,50 € without shipping and you can stream the whole record and/or download one song of it here.

If you want to pre-order any of these, just go to Denovali’s Webstore.

React With Protest newsflash

Today React With Protest Records has put out some news about future releases, in short here are the important information:

  • The Third Memory 12inch is finally done and available, you can order it right now.
  • Battle Of Wolf 359 should finish their recording sessions for their first full-length soon, the records will be pressed as soon as possible.
  • End of february / early march you can expect a new split 7inch on RWP, this time between the almighty Merkit and Germany’s new supergroup Resurrectionists.
  • the Emo Annihilation Comp is sold out, but a second press is already on its way.

The Third Memory European Tour February 2009

After the announcement of the upcoming The Third Memory full-length being co-released on React With Protest Records in early february here are the dates of the band’s european tour:

04.02.2009 Munich Germany
05.02.2009 Vienna Austria
06.02.2009 Bratislava Slovakia
07.02.2009 Budapest Hungary
08.02.2009 Szeged Hungary
09.02.2009 Lublin Poland
10.02.2009 Warszawa Poland
11.02.2009 Berlin Germany
12.02.2009 Hamburg Germany
13.02.2009 “Café Courage” Döbeln Germany
14.02.2009 Pise Italy

RWP News January 2009

hi folks,
after some short break we are back with some exciting news from React With Protest Records:

  • The Third Memory‘s 2nd LP will be available in early february, you can already preorder it in the RWP Webstore.
  • The long delayed Battle Of Wolf 359 full-length should be available in february, too.
  • The Dolcim full-length is planned for march / april 2009 and is thus ready for the band’s European Tour in May / June.
  • The news about the Cry Me A River Fest 2009 are old news for us besides some more confirmed bands. Just have a look here.

The Third Memory – 2nd LP pre-order

The Third Memory‘s second full-length will be released pretty soon. This is a split release of ROK LOK Records, Sadness Of Noise Records, Petit Chantier Records, Desertion Records and React With Protest Records.
The Third Memory are a french band having already released a first lp, a split 7″ with the already defunct Cease Upon The Capitol and another split 7″ with the also already dead Only For The Sake Of Aching. They play screamo with hardcore influences in the vein of Tristan Tzara or even Orchid.
You can pre-order the record already from each label listed above, no info about the price. The record should be send to the pressing plant in the next two weeks, all recordings are done already.

The Third Memory & Dominic at the Lala Haus: 12th April 2008

the french screamos The Third Memory and the lovely Dominic from norway are entering the famous Lala Haus in Versmold on saturday the 12th of april.
The show begins at 8 pm, be prepared for rocking!