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Records you ordered long ago…

…which seemed to be never released at all and you even forgot about them, until you finally get them from your mailman are always make me happy. This record is something really special as I ordered it like years ago, I think it was 2003. Moreover it contains one of my favourite bands, Takaru.

Takaru / The Assistant / This Ship Will Sink

I think the CD version of this 3-way split of Takaru, The Assistant and This Ship Will Sink was released in 2003 or 2004, but the vinyl version never saw the light of day. 3 really great bands, possibly not with their best songs, but a damn nice release and lovely reminder of the “old days”.

Watch some videos of the bands (sorry, I haven’t found a better one for This Ship Will Sink) in the following. Continue reading ‘Records you ordered long ago…’