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UPDATE: SL-27 will break up at the end of 2007

SL-27 will disband at the end of the year, here is a quote from jeroen:

“I told the guys of the band that i would stop playing bass at the end of this year, here’s why:
SL-27 has never been a well oiled machine, but the last couple of years have been an all time low from which i don’t see recovery.
It’s been hard enough to get together to rehearse, due to our busy personal schedules, let alone confirm shows.
We never had a steady gig calendar, so if you need to cancel or decline two thirds of the offers, moral drops.
We all had varied musical taste, with a common point: the music of the band. I think i have always been a bit of an outsider, because i didn’t listen to similar music that much.
I did however discover a lot since i joined the band and made an effort to appreciate it.
I guess i’ve seen it now and i’m ready to let it go. It simply isn’t my cup of tea.
I have absolutely no regrets and i always enjoyed – and still do – playing the music immensely. I had an amazing time of meeting people who i never would have met and seeing places i would have never seen if i hadn’t played in this band.

Thank you all, thank you SL-27.”

There are 3 last shows planned at the end of the year.
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