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One Night Stand In North Dakota Are looking For Shows In Germany

Our friends from One Night Stand In North Dakota are searching for shows in Germany from 1st to 10th September. They’ll play house shows, outdoor shows, pubs, clubs, squats, whereever. They don’t need electricity to play (the benefits of acoustic guitars). So if you can help them out, get in contact with them on myspace or write us here.
Note: Their strictly limited split 7inch with Short Term Effect is now available at bisaufsmesser . You can still buy it from us, too.

ONSIND/ Short Term Effect split 7inches arrived!

Today we recieved the phenomenal split 7inches from Durham´s (UK) finest One Night Stand In North Dakota and Short Term Effect on Discount Horse Records. Awesome acoustic stuff in the vein of Rosa and early Against Me with good feel hits of the spring guarantee. Get this limited pressing from us.(only 219 handnumbered copies were pressed). Act Fast. (And order as much as you can, cause we need every ct for our future releases. Thanks)