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New Denovali Releases – February 2009

Denovali Records has announced two new releases coming in the next weeks (and yes, the Neil On Impression 2x LP is still not there, but this is not a problem of Denovali, but of the other labels included in this release!):

  1. In two weeks there will be a Split LP of France’s The Third Memory and Norway’s Dominic. Both bands have two new songs on this record.

    There will be 200 pieces on white wax for pre-orders only, the rest (300 pieces) is on black vinyl. The record costs 10,50€ without shipping. You can stream and also download the whole record here.
  2. The second lovely piece of wax is the previously on vinyl unreleased debut record of the instrumental rockers of Daturah. Being released on double vinyl you get 3 sides full of music and the 4th side being a screenprinting.

    Again pre-orders can get white vinyl (150 pieces), whereas the rest of 350 pieces is on black wax. It costs 17,50 € without shipping and you can stream the whole record and/or download one song of it here.

If you want to pre-order any of these, just go to Denovali’s Webstore.

Neil On Impression 2x12Inch pre order

The pre order of the soon to be released “L’Oceano Delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre” 2×12″ of the great instrumental rockers Neil On Impression has started.
This is a split release of Denovali Records, Sons Of Vesta Records and Holidays Records. It’s an overall pressing of 500 pieces where 150 are on blue/green vinyl, others on black vinyl.

The cover is designed by Chiara Veggetti, fitting to the beautiful sounds which you can as always mostly stream on the Denovali Band Site. For further information about the pre order get in contact with the labels: