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Bands you should know Part II: Alia

Another German band, this time from Leipzig, a four-piece playing in the vein of mid-90s emo mixed with great instrumental parts. Alia reminds me a lot of Mr Willis Of Ohio, heartfelt German lyrics with lots of drive in their sound.

You can still get their handmade demo CD-Rs all packed in handsewn washrags. The demo contains 6 songs clocking in around 20 minutes, it costs 5 € plus shipping and it is definitely worth listening to it. If you are living in near Leipzig you can check them out live on 20th of february in Mühlkeller together with the also Leipzig based Panta Rhei.

Mr Willis Of Ohio 7 Inch finally available on Brokenglasses Records

yes, it’s done, it sounds and it looks great, check out our Releases Site to see the newest pics of our version of the Mr Willis Of Ohio 7 inch. And since we know you want one (or maybe five), just order by dropping us a line at One copy costs 3,50 € without shipping. Besides this we have some other nice stuff in our Distro you should check out, too. And if you want to do some wholesale or trades, don’t hesitate writing us an email.

Mr Willis Of Ohio – “Eure Welt” 7 Inch available on brokenglasses

Yes, it took us a long time, but these days martin and his girlfriend are just making the covers of the Mr Willis Of Ohio – “Eure Welt” 7 inch which is sadly their last release as they have played their last show at the Cry Me A River Fest 2008.
The record consists of 4 great songs with lots of political statements, thoughtful lyrics, and everything mixed with their awesome mid-90s style music, i love it.
Each label being part of this release will release the record in their own covers, just as they want to. We decided to make handmade covers with stamps and stuff on it, the diy way as all our releases were meant to be.
Expect the records to be available till the end of next week, if you want one (or possibly more) just get in touch.

More News on the Mr. Willis Of Ohio 7 Inch

the record is in the pressing plant and the testpressings should be ready really soon. sadly the printing of the covers will take some more time, so we expect this lovely piece of passion around june. prepare yourself until then listening to the song “gläserner mensch” on our myspace site.

New Mr. Willis Of Ohio Song from upcoming 7 Inch

We have one song of the upcoming Mr. Willis Of Ohio 7 Inch on our myspace site, check it out!
The record is in the pressing plant right now, more news on this soon.

Mr. Willis Of Ohio 7 Inch on Broken Glasses Records

We are part of the new Mr. Willis Of Ohio 7″ which will be released in spring. This is a split release of our lovely diy label, Impure Muzik, Synalgie Records and Moment Of Collapse Records.
Expect 4 great new songs full of passion with great lyrics about things going wrong in our society and how to cope with this as being part of this world.