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Moment Of Collapse Records -> new web appearance

Our lovely friends of Moment Of Collapse Records have a completely new website online. Moreover they have now their own Webstore with lots of records and stuff you want for sure.

Upcoming in MoC are the Marat 7inch Discography, a split 7inch between Mexiko’s Theraps and Spain’s Ciuda Del Cabo, and the second installment of their great Connections series, this time a 6 way split. So visit them and support them, Basti and Jens are some really great guys, both being in love with the diy way of punkrock.

Marat – Discography 7inch announced!

Oh yes, one of the best demos i heard in years was the one by Marat, this really tight 5-piece hailing from Groningen, the Netherlands. This is ex-Shikari and pre-Ravens, hard stuff done in the vein of heavier Portraits Of Past or Yaphet Kotto.
And now Basti and Jens from Moment Of Collapse Records announced the release of a 4-song discography 7″. Expect more information on this soon, i’m very excited about this news!

Broken Glasses Releases delayed!

hi friends, both of our upcoming releases are delayed a bit.

The Mr Willis Of Ohio 7 inch, titled “Eure Welt” will be ready in some weeks. The records are already pressed and on their way to us but there was a lot of trouble with the covers so the band and we decided to make the covers by ourselves. As this is a split release of Impure Muzik, Synalgie Records, Moment Of Collapse Records, Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records and us nearly every label will have a different cover of this record. Marianne will have some of the records with here at the Cry Me A River Fest 2008.

The Only For The Sake Of Aching LP will be hopefully released in september. The recordings are not finished yet, and since they are on tour with Amalthea the released is a bit delayed. But expect some big progress for the band and look forward to this LP, it will blow you away. We can’t wait to get this out!

Mr. Willis Of Ohio 7 Inch on Broken Glasses Records

We are part of the new Mr. Willis Of Ohio 7″ which will be released in spring. This is a split release of our lovely diy label, Impure Muzik, Synalgie Records and Moment Of Collapse Records.
Expect 4 great new songs full of passion with great lyrics about things going wrong in our society and how to cope with this as being part of this world.