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Utarid Discography anyone?

Arwith just emailed me about the idea to release the discography of the great Utarid from Malaysia. They were one of the first bands from sout asia known also in Europe and the USA, delivering a great mix of Orchid-like hardcore and heartfelt lyrics with some new ideas.



Their “De[ad]mo Tape” as well as their split floppy disk with the also no longer active Am I Dead Yet! from Belgium were the first two releases on Broken Glasses Records.
After a long delay of a planned discography it should now finally be released, Hugues from The Flying Worker/Puzzle Records will design the artwork. They are still in the search for labels which want to be part of this release, so anyone interested in this should just get in contact with Arwith.

You can listen to Accent Fall On The First Syllable from their 4-way split 12″ with A Fine Boat That Coffin, Am I Dead Yet! and The Mock Heroic.

New ONSIND Album Available At Our Distro

The New Album “Dworkin’s Bastards” from the awesome guys of One Night Stand In North Dakota is now available for 6€ from our distro. The emotional acoustic protest song hit machine is back with their best material up to date. If you like their song from the split 7inch (only one remaining in our distro), you will love the stuff on their 1st full-length. For those whho are unfamiliar with the band: think early against me with dual vocals , more hits, more politics, more fun, more Thelma & Louise. The Album was released by their home label Discount Horse Records.

Only For The Sake Of Aching is dead!

Sadly we have told you that after their european tour with Amalthea one of the best German bands in the vein of Yage announced their end: Only For The Sake Of Aching are dead!
The band has decided not to release their recorded and wonderful new songs for the planned first full-length on Broken Glasses Records, thus these songs will not be released on vinyl anytime soon. We will miss you guys, it was a great time!
Read on with the bands statement about the split:
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Mr Willis Of Ohio 7 Inch finally available on Brokenglasses Records

yes, it’s done, it sounds and it looks great, check out our Releases Site to see the newest pics of our version of the Mr Willis Of Ohio 7 inch. And since we know you want one (or maybe five), just order by dropping us a line at One copy costs 3,50 € without shipping. Besides this we have some other nice stuff in our Distro you should check out, too. And if you want to do some wholesale or trades, don’t hesitate writing us an email.

Mr Willis Of Ohio – “Eure Welt” 7 Inch available on brokenglasses

Yes, it took us a long time, but these days martin and his girlfriend are just making the covers of the Mr Willis Of Ohio – “Eure Welt” 7 inch which is sadly their last release as they have played their last show at the Cry Me A River Fest 2008.
The record consists of 4 great songs with lots of political statements, thoughtful lyrics, and everything mixed with their awesome mid-90s style music, i love it.
Each label being part of this release will release the record in their own covers, just as they want to. We decided to make handmade covers with stamps and stuff on it, the diy way as all our releases were meant to be.
Expect the records to be available till the end of next week, if you want one (or possibly more) just get in touch.

More News & Updates soon

hi friends,
soon this site will be again updated more frequently, due to problems with my internet connections these days i am very slow with news and stuff.
in the meantime the lovely guys from Only For The Sake Of Aching and Amalthea have visited us, sadly they couldn’t play a show here, but on the rest of their tour dates they have rocked!

Amalthea / Only For The Sake Of Aching Tour 2008 (Update!)

Update: You can find the official tour flyer in the “more” section.

Hey there,

Amalthea and Only For The Sake Of Aching will leave for tour in this years july. There are a few free dates left. Maybe you can help them:

16th of July 2008 maybe belgium, west-germany or france
18th of July 2008 maybe east france, south germany, switzerland, austria or north italy
20th of July 2008 maybe austria, switzerland, south germany
22th of July 2008 anywhere in the south or middle of germany

Please write to or visit the bands above linked myspace sites and drop them a line. Besides the dates the tour will be somewhat the following:

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