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Ordination of Aaron Discography 2xLP pre-order starts today

Robert from Adagio 830 Records has announced the start of the pre-order of the Ordination of Aaron (nearly) discography double 12inch. Yes, finally it is done, after all the years of waiting we can listen to the songs of the great mid90s band on vinyl again.

The record comes on white vinyl (sides a & b) and black vinyl (sides c& d).
All records come with lovely patches and booklets, whereas only the pre-order version comes with a tote bag, of which only 130 pieces are made (100 for sale with the pre-order, 30 for people who have helped making this record possible. Pre-ordering can be done via mail or by an order in the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore.
The record includes the following releases of Ordination of Aaron:

  1. s/t LP
  2. s/t 7inch
  3. Split 7inch with Indian Summer

Note that it will NOT include the acoustic 7inch songs! I can’t wait to get this on my turntable.

ZANN/ PERTH EXPRESS / GHOSTLIMB / TRAINWRECK 4-way Split 12inch pre-order

UPDATE: The pre-order is already SOLD OUT!

It’s pre-order-mania these days, Adagio 830 Records has just started the pre-order for its next massive release: A 4-way split 12inch with Trainwreck, Ghostlimb, Zann and the already disbanded Perth Express!

As always you can pre-order it directly from the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore. The pre-order is limited to 100 copies on golden vinyl, the remaining ones will be on black vinyl.It comes in a die-cut fold-out cover with some more gimmicks which should explain the price of 11 Euros without postage. They sould be ready to ship in the next two weeks.

Fire Team Charlie 10inch pre order

Lovely Robert from Adagio830 has announced the pre order of the upcoming Fire Team Charlie 10″. As always you can drop Robert a line or you can directly order it in the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore.
FTC sounds like we are back in the 90s, in the mid90s, there are Frail, Rites of Spring and similar artists in whose vein FTC rocks these 5 songs on this 10″ with wonderful artwork done by Lauren Smyth:

All in all 500 pieces are done, 400 on black vinyl, 100 on silver only for pre orders, so act fast. The records should be available in the next one or two weeks, pre orders get shipped asap.

Black Shape Of Nexus – Microbarome Meetings 2xLP Preorder & Tourdates

Mannheim’s doom heroes of Black Shape Of Nexus have just released their Microbarome Meetings CD in a deluxe gatefold packaging on Ecocentric Records and now the preorder of the Microbarome Meetings 2xLP starts on Vendetta Records.
As always you can preorder via email to vendetta or directly through the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore.
The price is 16 euros without shipping and the preorder is limited to 100 copies of one black, one white piece of vinyl, the other regular 500 copies will be on red / orange vinyl. All records come in a nice gatefold cover.
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Zann / Burial Year Split 12 Inch Pre-Order

The testpresses of the split 12 inch of Zann and Burial Year have already arrived and are great, such that Adagio830 Records has decided to start the pre-order of this piece of wax. The pre-order version will be on coke bottle green vinyl and it will come with a poster. The record comes in a nice gatefold cover and the pre-order version is limited to 100 copies.
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Tar Feathers/Happiness Split LP pre-order

From now on you can pre-order the upcoming split lp from Tar Feathers and their friends , pop music at its best. Robert from Adagio830 hopes to have the record finally released on 10th of July when the Tar Feathers europe tour starts. The pre-order is limited to 100 pieces on green vinyl, you can get it directly at Robert’s webstore Bis Aufs Messer.
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Preorder of the Ghostlimb – Bearing And Distance LP

Adagio830 Records announced today that they take preorders for the upcoming “Bears and Distance” lp of Ghostlimb. It will have a gatefold cover and should be done in the next 2 weeks.
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