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Cry Me A River Fest 2009 roundup

After our first news about the Cry Me A River Fest 2009 we give you another roundup with new information on pricing and the schedule so far.

As every year you have to reserve your tickets in front, so no way to get tickets at the fest if you haven’t pre-ordered one of the 300 tickets! Both days cost 15€, friday 8€, saturday 10€. You can get a vegan breakfast on saturday morning for 4€ done by the lovely Ulbrich family. Due to littering stuff in the last years there is a camping and trash fee of 5€ per tent. The schedule so far is the following:

Friday, 26th of June 2009:

Battle Of Wolf 359
The Third Memory
Me And Goliath

Saturday, 27th of June 2009:

Graf Orlock
Louise Cyphre
June Paik
Danse Macabre

React With Protest newsflash

Today React With Protest Records has put out some news about future releases, in short here are the important information:

  • The Third Memory 12inch is finally done and available, you can order it right now.
  • Battle Of Wolf 359 should finish their recording sessions for their first full-length soon, the records will be pressed as soon as possible.
  • End of february / early march you can expect a new split 7inch on RWP, this time between the almighty Merkit and Germany’s new supergroup Resurrectionists.
  • the Emo Annihilation Comp is sold out, but a second press is already on its way.

Kaddish & Battle Of Wolf 359: Mini Tour & Split 7 inch

uk’s finest, Kaddish and Battle Of Wolf 359 enter the stages with their little tour through europe (see above for the tour dates). On the other hand they have recorded a split 7 inch which will be available on React With Protest Records soon. You can listen to the Kaddish song “Combray” on the RWP Myspace Site.

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RWP announces Emo Annihilation Compilation

After the Emo Armageddon 7″ and the Emo Apocalypse one-sided 12″ React With Protest Records will release the third and last installment of the “short song compilations” in february. It will be a 6″ called Emo Annihilation with June Paik, Titan, Battle Of Wolf 359, Comadre, Kontrapunkt, The Apoplexy Twist Orchestra, Vorwärts Schöner Weltenkotzer, Ding Dong Dead, Arse Moreira, and some more.