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Utarid Discography anyone?

Arwith just emailed me about the idea to release the discography of the great Utarid from Malaysia. They were one of the first bands from sout asia known also in Europe and the USA, delivering a great mix of Orchid-like hardcore and heartfelt lyrics with some new ideas.



Their “De[ad]mo Tape” as well as their split floppy disk with the also no longer active Am I Dead Yet! from Belgium were the first two releases on Broken Glasses Records.
After a long delay of a planned discography it should now finally be released, Hugues from The Flying Worker/Puzzle Records will design the artwork. They are still in the search for labels which want to be part of this release, so anyone interested in this should just get in contact with Arwith.

You can listen to Accent Fall On The First Syllable from their 4-way split 12″ with A Fine Boat That Coffin, Am I Dead Yet! and The Mock Heroic.

A Fine Boat, That Coffin / Angel Eyes Split 12inch out now

Ouh, this one took loooooooong, but finally it’s done! Germany’s hectic, jazzy, progressive monsters A Fine Boat, That Coffin team up with America’s slow metal landscape painters Angel Eyes to rock one 12inch vinyl record.

The record is released on Concubine Records with a first press of 500 copies. As usual these days in hardcore biz there is a special color edition of this record, 100 pieces are on white vinyl which you only get ordering directly from Concubine. The rest is on black vinyl, whereas all the covers are gatefold ones.