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Utarid Discography anyone?

Arwith just emailed me about the idea to release the discography of the great Utarid from Malaysia. They were one of the first bands from sout asia known also in Europe and the USA, delivering a great mix of Orchid-like hardcore and heartfelt lyrics with some new ideas.



Their “De[ad]mo Tape” as well as their split floppy disk with the also no longer active Am I Dead Yet! from Belgium were the first two releases on Broken Glasses Records.
After a long delay of a planned discography it should now finally be released, Hugues from The Flying Worker/Puzzle Records will design the artwork. They are still in the search for labels which want to be part of this release, so anyone interested in this should just get in contact with Arwith.

You can listen to Accent Fall On The First Syllable from their 4-way split 12″ with A Fine Boat That Coffin, Am I Dead Yet! and The Mock Heroic.


Crucificados + 2 * Australian awesomeness = 7 inches

Germany’s Crucificados Records will release a really great little split 7inch in the next weeks: Two of the best bands in Australian grind are team up for this piece of wax, namely Roskopp and the almighty Agents Of Abhorrence.

Agents Of Abhorrence / Roskopp Split 7inch

Agents Of Abhorrence / Roskopp Split 7inch

AOA delivers 5 new songs, Roskopp smashes 3 new tracks on the vinyl. You can preorder it right now, expect 2-3 weeks until the records are done.

Narshardaa Records: New release & single series

First of all the Lybians discography LP is finally released on Narshardaa Records. You can get all songs of this Boston hardcore punks on blue vinyl (100) and black vinyl (400), all records are packed in a full colour jacket with inserts and include download codes of all songs.

Lybians - Discography

Lybians - Discography

There is also a special pre-order package limited to 50 pieces: You can get the record on blue vinyl with a shirt for 18 euros without postage.

As a second, perhaps already older news, there is the Narshardaa Single Club no. 1 which starts in september 2009 and includes 4 7inches, each of which is limited to 350 pieces. German subscribers will get one record of the following bands each month from september to december (subscribers outside Germany will get it in one package due to high postage rates and the low price of the single club as stated below):

  1. The Now-Denial
  2. Idle Hands
  3. Planks
  4. Trend

The package costs 20 euros including shipping worldwide, so this is a great deal if you ask me. I’m a fan of such single club things for sure.

Her Name Is Calla – Heritage CD out now on Denovali Records

The British Her Name Is Calla, consisting of at least 7 members if I’m right, have released their album called “Heritage” on Denovali Records.

Her Name Is Calla - Heritage

Her Name Is Calla - Heritage

The CD version is available right now, the vinyl version is a bit delayed, but still planned to be released somewhat soon. If you like the more postrocking way of life with piano, cello and sad voices check this out, it is really great and can help you to survive the first autumn depression this year.

Lightning Bolt: New record in October 2009

Lightning Bolt will release a new record on 13th of October 2009. The record is titled “Earthly Delights” and it will be released in a CD and a gatefold vinyl version. The tracklist is as follows:

  1. Sound Guardians
  2. Nation of Boar
  3. Colossus
  4. The Sublime Freak
  5. Flooded Chamber
  6. Funny Farm
  7. Rain on Lake i’m Swimming in
  8. S.O.S
  9. Transmissionary

You can listen to “Colossus” here. Love these guys!

Ordination of Aaron Discography 2xLP pre-order starts today

Robert from Adagio 830 Records has announced the start of the pre-order of the Ordination of Aaron (nearly) discography double 12inch. Yes, finally it is done, after all the years of waiting we can listen to the songs of the great mid90s band on vinyl again.

The record comes on white vinyl (sides a & b) and black vinyl (sides c& d).
All records come with lovely patches and booklets, whereas only the pre-order version comes with a tote bag, of which only 130 pieces are made (100 for sale with the pre-order, 30 for people who have helped making this record possible. Pre-ordering can be done via mail or by an order in the Bis Aufs Messer Webstore.
The record includes the following releases of Ordination of Aaron:

  1. s/t LP
  2. s/t 7inch
  3. Split 7inch with Indian Summer

Note that it will NOT include the acoustic 7inch songs! I can’t wait to get this on my turntable.

Cry Me A River Fest 2009 roundup

After our first news about the Cry Me A River Fest 2009 we give you another roundup with new information on pricing and the schedule so far.

As every year you have to reserve your tickets in front, so no way to get tickets at the fest if you haven’t pre-ordered one of the 300 tickets! Both days cost 15€, friday 8€, saturday 10€. You can get a vegan breakfast on saturday morning for 4€ done by the lovely Ulbrich family. Due to littering stuff in the last years there is a camping and trash fee of 5€ per tent. The schedule so far is the following:

Friday, 26th of June 2009:

Battle Of Wolf 359
The Third Memory
Me And Goliath

Saturday, 27th of June 2009:

Graf Orlock
Louise Cyphre
June Paik
Danse Macabre