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See Sunny Day Real Estate performing “Seven”!

I do not need to tell you anything about the band, Sunny Day Real Estate are one of the most influential bands of the mid-90s from Seattle. After 15 years they are again touring in the USA with the original members.

ca 1993 taken from SDRE homepage

somewhat 1993 (taken from SDRE homepage)

All these memories about classics like “Song About An Angel”, ugh, the whole “Diary” is such a fucking great record, one of the best Sub Pop has ever released. Due to SDRE’s new tour the label has re-issued “Diary”, get it on 2 x 12″ if you haven’t until now!
Go on reading to see them playing live.

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Bands you should know Part I: Glasses

Wow, I really love this band although they haven’t any record out until now, but this will change soon: Vendetta Records will release Glasses first full-length in the near future. The band is a mishmash of people from Trainwreck, the already disbanded Perth Express, The 244GL and the also already disbanded The F.A.

taken from their myspace site

The band describes themselves on their myspace site with the following words:

In summer 2008 Rocko (ex Perth Express), Benni (the 244GL) and Marc (Trainwreck) started rehearsing. Later, Sam (ex The F.A.) joined the band. In december they had enough songs to record their first output on Vendetta Records. The 12″ will be released in early 2009, the first show was played in Aachen 2008… to be continued.

Moreover they will be on tour in spring 2009, here are the dates, don’t forget to check them out!

28.02. Göttingen, Juz (w/ Planks)
01.03. Münster, NB 12 Proberaum (w/ Planks)
02.03. Hannover, Stumpf
03.03. Darmstadt, Oettinger Villa
04.03. Leipzig, Zoro (w/ Furnace, Trainwreck)
05.03. Dresden, Meschwitzstr.16a (w/ Trainwreck)
06.03. Berlin, Kastanie (w/ November 13th, Cave Canem, Trainwreck)
07.03. Bremen, G18 (w/ Trainwreck)
08.03. Hamburg, Rote Flora (w/ Trainwreck)[/i]

New Mono LP out on 24.03.2009, Eurpean tour 2009 and lots of other news

Japan’s instrumental post-rockers Mono have announced their new album called “Hymn To The Immortal Wind”. The album will be released on the 24th of march 2009.
The band has put an official website for this release online, on which the new songs should be (partly) listenable soon. This album will be the first featuring a full 28 people chamber orchestra.
Moreover, Temporary Residence has announced the repress of Mono’s “One Step More And You Die” and “New York Soundtracks”. There will be a limited color edition of 500 pieces available for pre-order in february 2009.
Read about their European tour in the following.
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The Third Memory European Tour February 2009

After the announcement of the upcoming The Third Memory full-length being co-released on React With Protest Records in early february here are the dates of the band’s european tour:

04.02.2009 Munich Germany
05.02.2009 Vienna Austria
06.02.2009 Bratislava Slovakia
07.02.2009 Budapest Hungary
08.02.2009 Szeged Hungary
09.02.2009 Lublin Poland
10.02.2009 Warszawa Poland
11.02.2009 Berlin Germany
12.02.2009 Hamburg Germany
13.02.2009 “Café Courage” Döbeln Germany
14.02.2009 Pise Italy

Daitro touring Eastern Europe & Balkan

The French rockers of Daitro are on their way through Eastern Europe these days. If you have the chance check them out, here are the dates:

22.11. SLO, Ljubljana @ AKC Metelkova mesto w/Senata Fox, Elodea
23.11. HR, Rijeka @ P.o.d.r.u.m. Infoshop Shkatula
24.11. HR, Zagreb @ Medika Skvot w/ Joe4
25.11. SR, Beograd @ Living Room w/Unison, Cut Self Not, Temple of the Smoke, Sub-Out
26.11. MK, Skopje @ rehearsal room
27.11. GR, Thessaloniki @ viologica university squat
28.11. TK, Istanbul @ Dogzstar Club w/Taratarama, Circuits Made Flesh
29.11. BG, Plovdiv @ Puzzle Club – to be confirmed !
30.11. RO, Craiova @ to be announced
01.12. RO, Timisoara @ to be announced
02.12. H, Budapest @ Ciprus Ãtterem w/ Kernel Panic, Ashes of Atlantis
03.12. IT, Vicenza @ Bar Sartea w/ Des Ark
04.12. IT, Arezzo @ karemaski w/ Des Ark
05.12. IT, Firenze @ Via Edison Squat w/ Des Ark, Raein, LaQuiete, A Flower Kollapsed
06.12. F, Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero w/ friends bands

Keitzer & Minion rocking Germany next January!

Keitzer is rocking the broken glasses weblog these days: They will tour Germany in the first days of 2009 together with the mighty Minion. They still need help with some dates, so get in contact with them if you can help. The tour schedule until now looks like the following:

10. 01. 2009 20:00 help!
11. 01. 2009 20:00 help!
12. 01. 2009 20:00 help!
13. 01. 2009 20:00 help!
14. 01. 2009 20:00 help!
15. 01. 2009 20:00 White Rabbit with Minion Freiburg
16. 01. 2009 20:00 Kunstverein with Minion Nürnberg
17. 01. 2009 20:00 Exzess with MINION Frankfurt am Main

Lightning Bolt touring Europe in November 2008

Update: We have updated the tour dates, added most of the bands playing with lb on this tour as well as the tour poster designed by Dennis Typhus.

Lightning Bolt will tour Europe this fall. Here are the tour dates, as you can see there are some dates which are not fixed until now, but i’m sure they won’t have problems to play shows. We try to keep these tour dates up-to-date, so check them regularly for new dates added.

30.10. – London @ ATP
31.10. – London @ ATP Halloween
01.11. – Birmingham @ ATP
02.11. – Birmingham @ Engineroom Club
03.11. – Be Antwerp @ Scheldapen w/Daniel Higgs
04.11. – Nl Amsterdam @ OCCII w/Sword Heaven
05.11. – Nl Groningen @ Vera w/No Age + White Circle Crime Club
06.11. – De Bremen @ Friessenstrasse
07.11. – Se Gothenburg @ Röda Sten w/The Skull Defekts
08.11. – No Oslo @ Revolver w/Laconic Zero
09.11. – Se Stockholm @ Debaser w/Knife and Ape
10.11. – Dk Copenhagen @ Lades Kaelder w/Trencher + Drum Eyes
11.11. – De Berlin @ Festsaal Kreuzberg w/Trencher + Drum Eyes + Ovo
12.11. – De Leipzig @ Ut Connewitz w/Why?
13.11. – Pl Poznan @ Kisielice w/Woody Alien
14.11. – Cz Prague @ Klub 007
15.11. – At Vienna @ Fluc w/Kill Me Tomorrow
16.11. – Hr Zagreb @ Teatar Itd w/Uzeda
17.11. – Sl Ljubljana @ Menza Pri Koritu w/Hexenbrutal
18.11. – It Verona @ Interzona w/Zu + Ovo
19.11. – Ch Geneva @ Le Kab w/Awesome Color
20.11. – Fr Montpellier @ Secrete Place w/Awesome Color
21.11. – Es Barcelona @ Kgb w/Za
22.11. – Es Madrid @ Siroco Club w/Au
23.11. – Pt Lisbon @ ZDB
24.11. – Es Vigo @ Marco / Festival Sinsal w/Pantaleimon
25.11. – Es Bilbao @ L’Mono
26.11. – Fr Poitiers @ Le Confort Moderne w/Pneu
27.11. – Fr Lyon @ Grrrnd Zero
28.11. – Fr Paris @ La Vilette w/Francois Virot
29.11. – Be Brussels @ Recyclart w/Ovo