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See Sunny Day Real Estate performing “Seven”!

I do not need to tell you anything about the band, Sunny Day Real Estate are one of the most influential bands of the mid-90s from Seattle. After 15 years they are again touring in the USA with the original members.

ca 1993 taken from SDRE homepage

somewhat 1993 (taken from SDRE homepage)

All these memories about classics like “Song About An Angel”, ugh, the whole “Diary” is such a fucking great record, one of the best Sub Pop has ever released. Due to SDRE’s new tour the label has re-issued “Diary”, get it on 2 x 12″ if you haven’t until now!
Go on reading to see them playing live.

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Cry Me A River Fest 2009 DVD

That’s right, you thought it would never happen, but it is nearly completed: The DVD documenting the Cry Me A River Fest 2009! You get to see performances of all bands of this years fest, it is compiled by Sean of the lovely Dolcim (who will soon have some new tunes out, perpare yourself for them!).

You can get it soon for 5 Euros plus postage either from Lars of React With Protest Records or directly by Sean for people living outside Europe

Preorder Titan’s new album at React With Protest

React With Protest Records has just announced a new preorder deal: You can get the new LP of the Canadian Titan called “Colossus” on coloured vinyl for 10 Euros plus postage. The record should be done just in time for their release party on November 13th. This is even better than the glorious 4-song EP “The Chrysanthemum Pledge” which was released on React With Protest Records in 2007.

New collection of Silent Cries Clothing

The lovely people from Silent Cries Clothing have done a new collection for 2009. They are printing animal right stuff to wear, shirts and zippers for boys and girls.

flower zipper

flower zipper

They print on fair traded, climate neutral produced and organic cotton. Support them and order some stuff, I love the zipper above!

Records you ordered long ago…

…which seemed to be never released at all and you even forgot about them, until you finally get them from your mailman are always make me happy. This record is something really special as I ordered it like years ago, I think it was 2003. Moreover it contains one of my favourite bands, Takaru.

Takaru / The Assistant / This Ship Will Sink

I think the CD version of this 3-way split of Takaru, The Assistant and This Ship Will Sink was released in 2003 or 2004, but the vinyl version never saw the light of day. 3 really great bands, possibly not with their best songs, but a damn nice release and lovely reminder of the “old days”.

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Utarid Discography anyone?

Arwith just emailed me about the idea to release the discography of the great Utarid from Malaysia. They were one of the first bands from sout asia known also in Europe and the USA, delivering a great mix of Orchid-like hardcore and heartfelt lyrics with some new ideas.



Their “De[ad]mo Tape” as well as their split floppy disk with the also no longer active Am I Dead Yet! from Belgium were the first two releases on Broken Glasses Records.
After a long delay of a planned discography it should now finally be released, Hugues from The Flying Worker/Puzzle Records will design the artwork. They are still in the search for labels which want to be part of this release, so anyone interested in this should just get in contact with Arwith.

You can listen to Accent Fall On The First Syllable from their 4-way split 12″ with A Fine Boat That Coffin, Am I Dead Yet! and The Mock Heroic.

Crucificados + 2 * Australian awesomeness = 7 inches

Germany’s Crucificados Records will release a really great little split 7inch in the next weeks: Two of the best bands in Australian grind are team up for this piece of wax, namely Roskopp and the almighty Agents Of Abhorrence.

Agents Of Abhorrence / Roskopp Split 7inch

Agents Of Abhorrence / Roskopp Split 7inch

AOA delivers 5 new songs, Roskopp smashes 3 new tracks on the vinyl. You can preorder it right now, expect 2-3 weeks until the records are done.